This Poor Baby Was TRAPPED in a Fire. Now Watch Firefighters Rush to Save His Life.

Once more firefighters have saved another life. This time we are talking about a dog’s life. They rushed to a house where fired was catching. Soon they realized that no one was home, but a dog. Because of the fire, the dog was left unconscious. The poor little dog was suffering cardiac arrest, and he was near death when the firefighters took him outside. The story happened in a home downtown Madrid, Spain.

Soon they realized that they had to do something to keep him alive. That is why they performed a CPR to bring him back in life. Right after the CPR they put an oxygen mask, and allowed the dog to get as much oxygen as needed. After a couple of minutes the dog started breathing normally, and that is when they realized that they saved him. The dog survived, and the firefighters couldn’t be happier. All they did was worth it at the end of the day because everyone was safe and sound.

We all have to appreciate deeply the people who put their own lives in danger just to save some innocent lives. Not everyone is willing to go through all the trouble this amazing crew went, in order to save a dog, a cat, or any other animal. Those who make the effort to save a life, are the happiest. These people truly know the meaning of life, and they go home everyday thinking of all the good things they have done. I mean how nice must that feel? Nothing compares to the serenity of their heart. That is what keeps these people going. This video will show you more about the situation i just explained.

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