Poor Pit Bull Chained Most Of Her Life Gets To Taste Freedom For The First Time

Some people believe that pit bulls have the tendency to attack humans. This stems from the fact that they are fierce looking and huge. This can’t be used against the poor animals as it is in their DNA. Some owners even tie up their pit bulls in chains for the rest of their lives out of fear.

Misty, the Pit Bull is one of such pets that was chained up for the most part of her life. Having lived with chains around her neck for years, Misty couldn’t play, couldn’t run, didn’t make friends nor had anything to play with. All she had access to were her feeding plates.


Misty’s owner is one of those that chained their pit bulls up out of fear that it would hurt people. So one fateful day, Misty was rescued and taken to Good News Rehab Centre in Virginia where she will be put up for adoption. The chains round Misty’s neck were loosened, thrown away and she regained her freedom. While panting heavily, one could see the relief signs made by Misty because she knew she was free and she could feel it.


On the day of her release, her face brightened up, the dull look on her face and self pity departed from her. She was adorned with a pink neck ribbon which combined perfectly with her white complexion to give off a happy and colorful Misty.


Animal lovers are taking steps to ensure that people come to realize that some animals are not as dangerous as they are made out to be. Pit bulls are no different from other animals that react with aggression when maltreated. This response to fear can in turn be justified on the grounds that the animal sees the need to respond to an unfair treatment.


Why do some pet owners buy their pets and end up maltreating them? This question has been asked for ages and the answer is still unknown. But one thing we know for a fact is that those who treat animals badly are breaking the law. There are Animal Rights laws that will ensure that action is brought against anyone who maltreats his pit bull. Thus, the need to choose wisely, between allowing pit bulls their freedom or incurring the wrath of the law.


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