Porch Cam Records Injured Dog, They Try To Coax Him Inside But He Won’t Enter

A woman was away on vacation when she checked her porch security camera footage from her phone. She saw a helpless dog lying there alone. She called her neighbor Emily to see if she could help him but when Emily went to the porch, he was gone. She looked for him with no success.

A few days later, Emily was walking her two dogs and suddenly she saw the dog from the porch! It was fate because the homeless dog, that evaded capture, trusted Emily’s two dogs. He followed them as Emily lead, right to Emily’s house. This was a major victory!

But as the dog neared the house, he froze and refused to enter. Emily got some dog biscuits and a bowl of water and did her best to coax him in. It took a lot of effort but he began to eat the biscuits, with his tail between his legs. This dog had obviously been through a lot.

Finally, the dog followed Emily inside. He couldn’t figure anything out. It was obvious to Emily, who is very experienced with dogs, that he had never been inside a home before. The scared dog cautiously entered. He sniffed his way through the foyer and headed into the bathroom. He felt safest there and laid down on the bath mat.

Emily explains in the video below that even after just one night with her, the dog, later named Mello, began to feel a bit more at ease. It was time for Emily to take him to the vet. Thankfully, the vet gave him a clean bill of health except that the pup was significantly underweight from being on the streets.

As days went on, Mello began to feel more comfortable. He even walked on a leash while following Emily’s other dogs. Seeing him walk without his tail down was a huge victory. The dog was surely coming out of his shell!

Soon Mello was in the yard playing with Emily’s dogs and wagging his tail like crazy. It was like witnessing a miraculous transformation. Emily couldn’t stop smiling! The only drawback came a few days later. When it was time for Emily to return to work, her home security cam revealed Mello howling the entire time. This was a dog that needed a human around full-time.

Emily made a tough decision. Even though she loved Mello very much, she wanted to find him a human that could give him all the attention he craved. She found him a home immediately! Amazingly, Emily’s dogs acted like they knew it was Mello’s last night with them because they played even harder and gave one another extra kisses.

Mello is now living his best life in his forever home. His dad ADORES him. And he was the one to give him his name. His dad says it’s because he’s such a cool boy who is sweet and extra mellow. We are so grateful that Mello was spotted on security camera and was finally saved. Thank you to all who were involved, especially Emily for being an incredible foster mom.

To see Mello’s full story, check it out below!

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