Posey, a Beautiful GSD Surrendered for Being “Destructive,” Is Actually Really Terrific

Hey there, loyal Life With Dogs readers!  We hope the day finds you well, and we are proud to present yet another LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day for your consideration.  Her name is Posey, and she comes to us from our good friends at Val’s Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue out of Katy, Texas.

Poor Posey was surrendered to a shelter with her former human citing her “destructiveness.”  She was then taken from the Harris County Shelter, a high-kill outfit, and rescued by Val’s Pals.  She now awaits a forever home with a family she can cuddle, love, and protect.  Could she be the dog that you’ve been waiting for?

Posey is an approximately two-year-old female that was surrendered to Harris County shelter (after being bred multiple times) because she was allegedly “destructive.”  Contrary to what was claimed when she was abandoned, she is anything but a destructive dog.  In fact, she’s an absolute sweetheart who loves to cuddle, take long walks, go to the dog park, learn new tricks, and be your constant companion. She’s crate trained (and actually enjoys being in her crate) and is making vast strides on her potty training and manners training in the little time she’s been with her foster.

Posey is extremely friendly, both with other dogs and with people.  Her foster has been taking her to work every day and she loves to spend her days greeting clients that come in the door and wandering from office to office to spread her love and good cheer.  She is, however, extremely high energy so she will need someone that can spend the time making sure she gets her daily exercise.  She also plays very well with other dogs, but she does play rough – she’s still a puppy.  So her forever home would probably be best with another large, young, playful dog, or someone without another dog, who can spend time with her daily.

Posey has been around her foster-nieces and nephews, and is great with all of them.  She’s also great going to the dog park and socializing with the pack.

To see Posey’s bio page, click here.  To see the Val’s Pals main page click here, or click here to see their Facebook page.

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