Precious Family Moment Ruined By Untimely Fart

That perfect moment when the stars align and the family comes together for a lovely photo or video that’ll stand the test of time. You’ve finally captured it, and nothing can ruin it now, right? Well, not so fast. An unforeseen interruption may be just around the corner like in the video below. 😀

Just as Pebbles the Ragdoll kitty, Nelda the eight-month-old Labrador, and six-week-old baby Elarose cuddle up together for a picture-perfect moment, an untimely fart turns the adorable moment into a funny one! Who did it? The cat is the most visibly upset about this turn of events, but is that just a coverup? We may never know, but now Mom has a different type of family video to look back on! 😉

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