Precious Pug Helps Her Dog Dad Propose

I saw a quote somewhere in the internet that says, “The way to a woman’s heart is through her dog.” Do you agree?

Well as a woman and a dog lover, I absolutely agree with that. For women dog lovers, it’s dogs, not diamonds, that are a girl’s best friend. So when it comes to marriage proposals, the sweetest and cutest ones are the ones that involve dogs. Like that guy who surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal delivered by cute puppies!

In the video below, a guy sets up a hidden camera to film his marriage proposal to his girlfriend. What’s special about this is that he surprised her with a proposal with the help of their adorable little Pug! First he prepares a delicious breakfast for her. And while she’s enjoying her breakfast, he calls in their Pug to deliver the sweet surprise! Check out the video below!

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