Pregnancy Time Lapse Video Also Shows Dogs Growing Alongside Mom’s Belly

Time flies, and we often find ourselves wondering where it all went. They say having fun is what makes it go by so quickly, but caring for and raising a little loved one probably makes it pass faster than anything else. So what better way to hold onto the memories than by capturing them in photos and videos…

Byron and Monique were expecting their first child, and the dad-to-be decided to make a time lapse of the pregnancy by taking a picture every single day and putting them all together in a video in the end. But little did they know the dogs would want to get in on this!

Dunder and Muster totally stole the show! Not only did the owners get to see the progress and growth of Mom’s belly, but they saw their two dogs growing up alongside it. What a precious keepsake this ended up being! 🙂

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