Pregnant Dog Scheduled for Euthanasia Gets Saved by a Woman Enroute Her Vacation

Rebecca Lynch and her husband were vacationing in Savannah. On their way home from Georgia, the couple decided to make a stopover. Unlike typical vacationers who return with mementos, Rebecca wanted something more meaningful from her trip.

Knowing that numerous animal shelters in the state were overflowing with pets needing homes, Rebecca decided to help by adopting a pet. There was plenty of room in the car for a new furry friend.

While planning this act of kindness, Rebecca read about Lizzie, a terrier who had narrowly escaped euthanasia. Lizzie, who was pregnant, was left by her former owners at the shelter with the knowledge that she might be euthanized. To add to the unfortunate circumstances, Lizzie also had a broken leg.

Rebecca felt deeply for the hardships that Lizzie had endured and decided that she deserved a home filled with love more than any other. Hence, Lizzie found herself leaving the Georgia shelter, comfortably settled in the backseat of the Lynch family’s car on a soft blanket prepared especially for her.

Lizzie was understandably anxious during the first few hours in the car but gradually seemed to understand that she was safe. Surprisingly, during the journey, Lizzie went into labor. Perhaps it was her time, or maybe she felt secure enough with her new human friends to deliver her pups.

In an unexpected turn of events, Rebecca found herself transitioning from a pet owner to a midwife, assisting Lizzie with the delivery and care of her newborn pups. Enroute to the veterinary clinic, Lizzie gave birth to three puppies, and another arrived under the watchful care of the veterinarians. The final two puppies were born on the journey.

Lizzie and her pups were in good health but stayed at the vet for a few days for a complete check-up. After their time at the clinic, the new furry family was all set to head to their new home. The Lynches had already started preparing their home for the comfort of the new mother and her pups. Once the puppies are grown and strong, Rebecca plans to find loving homes for each one of them.

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