Pregnant Dog Was Abandoned While In Labor And When She Finally Sees Her Pups – WOW!

Any story of an abandoned dog is a tragedy, but it becomes even more heartbreaking when the circumstances include unborn puppies and a struggling mama barely able to survive.

In the video below, we’re introduced to Asha Attie, a pregnant dog who was abandoned when she was in labor, left to fend for herself during one of the most challenging moments of her little life. Can you imagine? It never ceases to amaze me how cruel some people can be. Luckily, though, for every callous person who could do this to an animal, there are kind people who do their best to help them. The folks at Bill Foundation received an urgent call from the shelter where Asha was abandoned.

Because the sweet girl was so badly matted, the mama dog was struggling to nurse her babies. After collaborating with another local animal rescue group, volunteers are finally able to help Asha Attie feed her pups. After shaving the mama and easing the family into the nursing process, their transformation is incredible. This is a must-see…such an uplifting story of survival and kindness!

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