Pug Hasn’t Seen His Uncle In A Year, And He Knows Something’s Up

Baburao the Pug loves his uncle and is obsessed with him, but he hasn’t seen him in nearly a year. So when Manoj returned, he knew he had to make it a special reunion. And little Babu could sense something was up right from the beginning!

Manoj hid under a blanket in the bedroom and waited for Babu to do his thing. The dog could smell and sense that uncle was around but couldn’t quite pinpoint what was going on. He ran around back and forth smelling everything in sight.

Babu was getting sick of the games and was about ready to give up, but he knew he had to press on! Finally, Babu runs into the bedroom once again where uncle is sitting with his head sticking out of the blanket, and it’s reunion time!

Baburao couldn’t be happier! 🙂

Don’t you just love surprise reunions? It’s so fun watching the excited dogs trying to figure it all out, and you know the special moment is just around the corner.


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