Pumpkin Carving Time-Lapse Of A ‘Pompkin’ Is Mesmerizing To See

Halloween is a fun time of the year, and there are even lots of ways to get your dogs involved. If they’re not the trying-on-costumes type, how about carving their portrait into a pumpkin? That’s what one man decided to do with his Pomeranian named Sophie, and it made for one amazing “pompkin.” 😉

He brings up his favorite picture of Sophie on the laptop and gets to sketching. Once that’s done, the carving begins. You can already tell it’s going to be a masterpiece by the time he’s done.

The dog-o-lantern carving takes about three hours total, but it’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch as a time-lapse. It comes to life right before your eyes!

The final result is nothing short of jaw-dropping. I bet Sophie is extremely proud of her dad! Obviously he is an expert and way better than most (or all) of us, but it is a good idea that’d be fun to try, don’t you think?

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