Pup Opens Mouth To Bark And Sounds Like…..A Duck

Okay, so we’ve seen and heard some pretty strange-sounding dogs before. There was that Frenchie who tried so hard to bark and ended up sounding so weird–it was like he was whining and complaining about something! And there was that adorable puppy who learned how to bark for the first time–he sounded so funny and cute on his first try!

And here’s another one to add to the list! When this adorable pup howls, he sounds more like a duck than a dog! His name is Caleb. And for those who are concerned, Caleb’s vocal chords are intact. He has never ever been debarked. Caleb’s barking is fine. But when he tries to howl or imitate a sound, like a song or siren, he sounds like a quacking duck! Check out the video below!


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