Pup Rescued From Hell On Earth Learns To Be A Dog Right Before Their Eyes

The Humane Society of the United States raided a dog meat farm in South Korea saving over 200 dogs. And one of those dogs was Fanny. She was taken from this hell on earth scenario and flown to a temporary shelter in Canada where she could learn how to be a dog.

The simplest pleasures and joys of being a dog were brand new to her. Playing with toys, playing with other pets, and eating treats were things she’d never gotten to do before. But thanks to being rescued and finding the perfect forever home, she gets to experience what being a dog is all about! 🙂

Just look at Fanny having all of the fun she can possibly handle! Just not too early in the day, she’s not a morning dog. 😉

All of the support the Humane Society receives helps dogs like Fanny get the love they’ve always deserved.

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