PUPDATE: Army Private Reunited With Dog Following Court Battle!

Good news for the soldier we told you about back in January!


Pvt. Katelyn Gallagher was thrilled to finally hug her dog, Buck, after a months-long court battle over his custody.

“Good boy, good boy,” she said. “I missed you so much.”

Last year, her beloved bloodhound in the care of a family friend when she left for training. When she returned home in December on leave, she was told the friend gave Buck away.

“He said he gave him to a family and he wouldn’t tell me where Buck was,” Gallagher told reporters. “It was a nightmare.”

The Cleveland, OH, resident filed a police report at the city’s second district police station. A charge was filed against the man who gave the dog away. At the end of February, Buck was returned to Gallagher’s family. She was back in training at the time. The criminal charges were then dismissed.

“I did not want to fight,” Gallagher said. “I didn’t want to battle. I didn’t want other people to be hurt. I just wanted my boy back, that’s all.”

Gallagher’s attorney, Paul Cristallo, said he is glad the issues were resolved.

“She adopted Buck as a pup, she loves him and she deserves to have him back,” Cristallo said.

And her family agrees.

“When you see Katelyn, you see Buck,” said her brother, Terry McCready.

Gallagher told Fox8 reporters that she and Buck will be side-by-side from here on out.

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