Puppies Abandoned On Christmas Find Homes The Very Same Day

Police officers had the opportunity to rescue a litter of puppies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to a Facebook post by the Tulsa Police Department, somebody had dumped a duffel bag full of five puppies at the counter of a convenience store.

It wasn’t long before the Edward Squad Mingo Valley Division had responded and officers were there to assist.

Not only did they help rescue the puppies, but they also managed to give all five of the puppies a new home.

Four of the officers adopted four of the puppies right away. It seems as if it was just too much to look in their faces and also walk away. An employee at the convenience store gave a home to the fifth puppy.

According to the Facebook post, they were “overwhelmed with Christmas feelings.” They also shared pictures of the officers holding the puppies.

The post continued: “Big thanks to the cute pups, awesome officers and QT employee. If you’re looking for a pet, please adopt don’t shop, there are lots of rescues and shelters that are over capacity for abandoned pets.”

Many people gave kudos to the officers for providing homes to the puppy so quickly. They also appreciated the fact that the puppies were dumped somewhere safe rather than being dumped out in the open where they would likely have died.

For all of the puppies, their Christmas nightmare turned into a Christmas miracle thanks to the officers.

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