Puppies Raised By Prison Inmates Become The Good Citizens They Wish They Could Have Been

Leader Dogs for the Blind is an amazing organization that breeds, raises and trains guide dogs only to provide them to those in need. Guide dogs are an excellent help for those who are vision impaired and without organizations like Leader Dogs, there wouldn’t be any. Leader Dogs has been a game changer in the world of guide dogs, however, because they find their puppy owners in a special place. In fact, prison inmates raise the majority of their puppies. This program has been in place for many years now and gives these inmates a chance at improving their skills and living a normal life outside of the facility. While many were hesitant to give puppies to inmates, Leader Dogs for the Blind states that the puppies raised in prisons have a higher graduation rate than those raised in outside homes.

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  1. Ronda Del Boccio

    I have one of those prison raised puppies, and she is now the beautiful and talented Leader Dog Jemma! Her inmate puppy raiser did a beautiful job with both her behaviour and her grooming. Since she is a golden retriever, both are important, because she has so much for. I am so glad Leader Dogs For the Blind has the prison puppy initiative, and I am definitely glad to have my own prison puppy. And, she just happens to be a full-fledged Canine Good Citizen. She even has her own Facebook page.

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