Puppies Rescued From Sewer Reunited With Their Mom

All animals deserve a loving home. Sadly, there are some animals that are born into a life on the streets where things can be really tough.

That is exactly what happened to a little canine family. The five puppies had come to experience a horrific scare when they became trapped underground in the city of Hyderabad in India.

The poor little pups were stuck there for more than 10 hours, and the worst part was, their mother couldn’t reach them.

It was looking quite bleak for the little family. They needed a miracle. Luckily for them, there were people who were willing to help them out.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of people, they were able to be rescued and reunited with their mother.

The puppies first ran into trouble when the little quintet ended up crawling through a narrow pipeline, and then fell down into a sewer drain. There, they became stuck with no way of getting out.

As the Animal Warriors Conservation Society explained to ViralHog, “There was no way for them to return. It was pitch dark inside so they kept crying for help.”

What was worse, was their mother couldn’t do anything for them while they were stuck underground. The poor dog must’ve felt so helpless and desperate as she tried to find a way down to her lost pups.

The animal rescuers added, “The mother dog was able to comfort them by crawling into the pipe but was unable to get them out.”

Fortunately, the Animal Warriors Conservation Society was ready to do everything within its power to make sure the little family was reunited.

They arrived ready to break them out, but once they were on the scene, they realized it was going to require some extra assistance. They needed help getting into the drain, and so the Animal Warriors Conservation Society called upon the Narayanamma Engineering College’s students and staff for help.

Together, they were able to operate a drill machine to open a cap in the concrete so the little puppies could crawl back through to safety.

In a Facebook post, the animal rescue organization wrote, “Our team slowly entered the drain and found puppies hiding in the corner. One by one the puppies were secured and brought outside. Finally, they had mother’s milk after long hours. Mother dog and puppies came back to us to thank us and later went into a safe location.”

The moment was such an emotional one that people actually applauded once the mother and her puppies were reunited.

Watch the rescue video below:

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