Puppies were taken from the mother after she gave birth, see what happened next

This dog named Lilly gave birth to puppies after she was rescued by Humane Society in Burlington, Ohio. The puppies were soon delivered and adopted after the Lilly was rescued by the Humane Society. These guys do a really well job at liberating and looking after pets hats off to them!

After the puppies were adopted several kittens were in need of a mother and that’s where Lilly stepped up and offered her kind help. It was mighty kind of her to not only look after these kittens but also feed them on her milk. This dog really showed that a mother’s love knows no bounds.

She is as kind as any creature on earth can get. Have a look and share with others. There’s a great message and truckload of adorableness in this video.

[youtube id=”0txbXX7u5Sw”]

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