Puppies Thrown From Car Window Get Adopted By A Dog Mamma Who Just Lost Her Own Children

When Blossom the shelter dog lost her newborn puppies, she was completely heartbroken

Then, almost by a miracle, 6 pups in need of a mother came into her life…

Blossom’s foster mum heard of a dog litter who were thrown out of a driving truck

They were orphans and in desperate need of motherly love and care

“Blossom looked at the puppies… Then climbed into the bed and started cleaning and feeding”

Watch the video here:

Tomorrow marks one week since Reed, Ash, Forest, Meadow, Petal, and Fern joined Buttercup in Blossom's little garden! As you can see from this video when they met, they were meant to be hers. We are grateful to everyone involved in rescuing this little family so they will be safe, warm, and dry in the rainy week ahead. 🌺🐾🌼🐾❤️

Posted by Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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