Puppies Who Have A Lot Of Growing To Do To Fit Into Those Ears

The 15 puppies pictured below will surely grow into those giant ears someday. But it’d also be okay if they didn’t — because they look so adorable as is! Don’t you agree? 🙂

“My mama loves my ears!” 🙂

“No, I am NOT part rabbit!”

“He went that way!”

“Now can you scratch my ears, please?”

“I think my ears are getting tired of standing.”

“I get better reception this way…” 😛

Prepare for takeoff!

“I just stepped on my ears again!”

“No, I didn’t fly up the steps. Real funny!” 😛

“Are you SURE I’ll grow into these??”

“Did you say something?”

“These things are getting heavy…” 😛

50% German Shepherd, 50% ears.

Long ears, short legs. 😛

When your ears are as big as your body, who needs a blanket?

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