Puppy Abandoned On Country Road Waited Days For Family To Come Back For Him

Oakley, a black Lab mix, was abandoned at a rural intersection in Oklahoma along with two other dogs. Left without any shelter, they took refuge in a tin tube under the road, waiting in vain for their owners to return. Their ordeal lasted for over a week, their days filled with uncertainty and their nights with cold and loneliness.

A Good Samaritan finally noticed the trio and quickly alerted Alysse Matlock, an animal rescuer. Matlock arrived at the scene as quickly as she could, only to be greeted by a heartbreaking sight.

“He was in pretty rough shape, which broke my heart,” Matlock shared with us.

Oakley was the first among the trio to be rescued, with the other two following soon after. All were brought to foster homes to begin their recovery journey.

Matlock took Oakley back to her home, where he could finally feel safe and start to relax. It wasn’t long before his naturally affectionate nature started to shine through, leaving Matlock both touched and infuriated at his abandonment.

“He is such a sweet, smart dog that lives to please people,” Matlock said. “It angered me that people could be so cruel.”

Oakley’s journey from the rural intersection to a warm, caring home was captured in a video by Matlock, which can be viewed here:

Matlock arranged for Oakley’s medical care and bathing needs. Safe Haven Animal Rescue generously offered to cover Oakley’s medical expenses, allowing Matlock to focus on fostering him.

In just a few months, Oakley’s skin and eye conditions improved drastically. He loved life in foster care, particularly meal times, but it was time for him to find a forever home. Matlock had no doubts that Oakley would find a loving family soon.

“He was such an easy dog,” Matlock said. “[He] got along with everyone and anyone from the very beginning!”

Moved by Oakley’s story on Matlock’s Instagram, a family felt a deep connection with the resilient dog and knew they had to meet him. Upon meeting, it was clear that Oakley was the missing piece they had been searching for.

“They drove all the way from Minnesota to pick him up,” Matlock shared. “He’s been a perfect fit ever since.”

Oakley’s journey, from abandonment to a loving home, serves as a reminder of the resilience of our furry friends, and the vital role rescuers and foster homes play in their rehabilitation.

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