Puppy Born With Half A Spine Gets To Swim Like A Normal Dog For The First Time

On a hot summer’s day, all dogs want to go swimming to keep cool and just chill, even Bonsai but this English Bulldog was born with multiple deformities. He has Caudal Regression Syndrome (Sacral Agenesis), Sacrocaudal Dysgenesis – likely combined with a variation of Spina Bifida meaning he was born with just half of his spine, no functional pelvis and malformed rear legs.

But for all that afflicts him, it doesn’t stop Bonsai from having fun and enjoying his first ever swim so mommy puts on a life vest for him and there he goes, enjoying the cool water with his best buddy, Ransom who has no hind legs but is a trooper in the water!

Even if Ransom took his favorite toy, it didn’t bother Bonsai cos he’s lovin swimming around his pool a lot! Isn’t it inspiring to see someone with disabilities do something for the first time? Share this awesome video and inspire someone today too!

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