Puppy With Cancer Wasn’t Supposed To Make It Past 1 Year. Now Look At Him 13 Years Later!

There’s probably no creature more loyal than a dog. They love us unconditionally and they don’t give up on us. So I think it’s only right that we should give them the same unconditional love. No matter how old they get, or how sick they may be, we should never give up on them.

This boy named Jack Richards and his family have proven their love for their dog by sticking by him and never giving up on him during the time when the pup needed their help.

Jack was only 5 years old when his family got a cute 7-week-old puppy whom they named D’for. Jack loved the pup, and they became instant best friends.


At about 6 months, they found a lump under D’for’s skin. They had it checked by the vet and after several check-ups, they were told that the pup had melanoma.


Jack and his family did everything to save D’for. Jack told BuzzFeed, “We paid for his operations and treatment to try and fight the cancer, and took D’for to the vet school in Cambridge to see specialists. They then told us through some form of miracle that the treatment had worked!”


However they were warned that the cancer could come back and that the best thing they could do is just enjoy their time with their dog. And that’s what they did. And 13 years later, D’for is going strong and thankfully, still clear of cancer!


Jack tweeted a photo of him and D’for and it went viral on Twitter! His Tweet was Liked over 70,000 times and retweeted over 35,000 times!

Jack was so inspired how his tweet touched a lot of people. It inspired him to create a campaign on GoFundMe for the National Canine Cancer Foundation to help dogs like D’for who are fighting cancer.

What a sweet story! We are so happy to know that D’for has survived and lived a happy 13 years! Cheers for more years to come!

You can read more about D’For and Jack’s story at BuzzFeed!

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