Puppy In Day Care Center Sits Silently, Does Hilarious Latin Dance When He Sees Owner

The feeling that a puppy has when he or she spots his loving owner must be incredibly affectionate, heartwarming and above all, extremely exciting. This adorable dog was hanging around in an animal daycare center, but when he suddenly spotted his owner standing at the entrance, the adorable four-legged pup absolutely went wild.

The excited pup jumped around the second he spotted his owner and it’s a true sight to behold.

It looks like this four-footer was definitely looking forward to heading back home, as he even did a funny Latin dance and was ignoring all the other dogs in the process.

Kevin Clancy uploaded this hilarious footage to YouTube, where it quickly went viral. At the moment of writing, the video has amassed almost ten million views. It didn’t take long before tons of comments started coming in.


“I have to admit this was a really adorable video,” one YouTuber said.

“This is why dogs make the best pets… the bond you build with your dog is unlike any other. Only a dog will love you unconditionally and without judgment,” MrVidsAllDay wrote.

Seeing the excitement of this pet was something that Carmen CaBoom could certainly relate to:

“Tooooooo cute!!! My sweet, loving, adorable and precious cat (“Minnie Me”) used to do a similar exciting dance whenever she saw me returning home too. I loved to see that and I miss her soooooo much.”

Be sure to check out this amazing and heartwarming footage for yourself in the video below.

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