Puppy Discarded In Road Scurries Off To A Brush And Emerges With A Posse

A rescue group received a call from a passerby who saw an abandoned puppy dangerously close to the road. Prepared to save him, the group made their way over.

The rescuers drove several miles and came to the dirt road. Off in the distance, they could see a tiny puppy sitting beside a worn-down pillar.

He looked very young! But as the rescuers got closer, he got spooked and ran into the brush.

Determined to save him, the rescuers got closer and calmly called to him. That is when they got the shock of their lives!

Who could be so cruel? These little ones couldn’t fend for themselves! And what about the elements? It was heartbreaking!

Their tiny cries said so much: “We need help, thank goodness you came when you did!”

The rescuers were prepared with food and water. They placed it down and the puppies came running! They were starving and so very thirsty!

While they ate, Milan, one of the rescuers, still prayed Mama would come out and join them. But no, there really was no mom in sight. So sad! But at least the pups finally had food. They were ravenous!

After they had some food, Milan gathered them up to bring them to safety. Look, it’s a rescue puppy bouquet!

They were loaded into the van and then Milan searched again for their mother. They still had hope.

Unfortunately, it was definitive, she had not been abandoned with them. Meet the puppies!






The puppies were taken back to their shelter where they are getting tons of love and proper care.

They will get all the vet meds and vaccinations they need, then go up for adoption. Aren’t they precious?

Thanks to kind-hearted people, like Milan and his crew, the pups are safe and sound. We know it doesn’t erase the bad in the world, like abandoning unwanted animals, but we are so thankful there are people willing to do what they can to save precious lives.

Please, if you are in over your head and need to rehome your pet, do so through the proper channels. Never leave a pet behind!

If you’re interested in adopting the puppies or any wonderful animal from the rescue group, click here: http://dogrescueshelter.org/contact/

All images courtesy of screenshots via YouTube video from Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia

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