Puppy Dressed In Tuxedo Waits For Adoptive Owners Who Cancel Last Minute

Vicente, an adorable puppy, was all dressed up in a tuxedo, eagerly awaiting his new adoptive family. Unfortunately, he experienced the heartache of being stood up when his new “owners” canceled the adoption at the last minute. This left the sweet pup confused and dejected, still dressed in his finest attire.

Vicente was set to be adopted from Fundacion Rescatame, a non-profit organization based in La Calera, Colombia. On September 9th, after his adoption was canceled, the rescue shared the heart-wrenching pictures of Vicente in his tuxedo on their Facebook page.

The post explained, “Vicente’s alleged adopter never came for him. When he was ready for a home, bathed, he canceled his adoption. Then they ask us why we’re so strict with the process, for this reason! Because we don’t want to have any doubt that our furry ones will be in excellent hands for LIFE. If you want to adopt, keep in mind that it’s a commitment forever, animals are not things you can dispose of when you miss the desire to have a dog.”

However, there’s a silver lining to Vicente’s story. The post quickly gained traction, being shared almost 3,000 times, and it didn’t take long for the rescue to receive multiple offers to adopt the adorable pup. Within a few days, Vicente was adopted by a loving family who cherishes their new furry addition. They have even shared pictures with their new pup, proudly announcing their adoption of the adorable tuxedo-clad dog.

While Vicente has found his forever home, there are still 40 other dogs at the rescue waiting for their chance at happiness. So far, Fundacion Rescatame has helped rehome more than 200 dogs this year. The organization is dedicated to combating animal abuse and rescuing, protecting, and maintaining abandoned animals. Their goal is to assist all animals, regardless of breed, age, or sex, as they believe that every animal deserves a second chance.

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