Puppy Found Coated In Tar For 2 Days Rescued

This is the heartwarming moment good Samaritans save a puppy that had been stuck in a hole full of tar for two days.

The little dog was found stuck in a tar-filled hole in the grounds of a former school in the town of Istra in western Russia’s Moscow Oblast region.

Volunteers from the ‘Lesnoy Priyut’ (Forest Shelter) animal organisation were patrolling the city searching for stray dogs when they heard the puppy’s weak barking.

One of the volunteers, Elena Artemova, said: “He was completely covered in tar, you could only see his nose and one paw.

“We were told that the puppy had been there for about two days. It turned out to be incredibly hard to free the puppy from the trap.”

A team of volunteers donned rubber gloves and overalls before spending three hours cleaning all of the tar out of the puppy’s fur.

And it turned that that what had appeared to be a pitch black dog was actually a cute puppy, possibly a German shepherd cross, with a beautiful golden coat of fur.

It is not known whether the puppy fell in the hole or whether cruel sadists put the little dog there.

The puppy is currently being cared for at an animal shelter in the town where it is expected to make a complete recovery from its ordeal.

Volunteers have already begun the job of looking for a family to take in the puppy and give it what they hope will prove to be a happy home.

Animal activist and TV host Mikhail Shirvindt, 59, later commented: “Thankfully there are people who save animals, who help them.

“The current situation with stray animals isn’t easy, simply because animal protection laws have not been passed at federal level. I’ve been struggling with this problem for the past 18 years.”

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