Puppy Gets Stuck Behind Sofa And Has To Butt-Wiggle Her Way Out

If I was Superman, my kryptonite would be puppies. Puppies are just so irresistibly cute! Their tiny paws, their adorable faces, and their cute little butts prancing around…their cuteness will make any dog lover squeal! And we just love how curious they get when they do things for the very first time!

Every puppy goes through a lot of struggle when they begin to explore the big world; struggles such as conquering the stairs, or eating solid food for the first time. One struggle most puppy go through is when they explore tight spaces, and they eventually get stuck in it.

The puppy in the video below is stuck behind a couch. Her name is Helge. Helge figured that wiggling herself will free her from the sofa! Watch the adorable video below and see Helge wiggle herself to freedom!

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