This Puppy Is A Husky-Pomerainian Mix — And People Are Losing Their Minds Over How Cute He Is

All puppies are cute, no matter what the breed and it can be hard to pick which one you like the most. Norman, the pompsky, is quite an attractive and popular fellow. In just a few weeks, he had thousands of followers in Instagram.


He is an adorable mix of Pomeranian and Husky. His dad was a Pomeranian and his mom a Husky. Just look at his little face!


And those puppy dog eyes!


Norman was adopted by his human parents, Rachel and Matt, live they all live together in Los Angeles.


Norman came from a small home breeding program in Northern California that produces Pomskies.


Norman made his internet debut in May when he was seen lounging in a gray dog bed wearing his new collar.


Norman has many friends, real and stuffed! With just one look, you can see why Norman is such a big deal!


Can you imagine getting to cuddle with this adorable fluff ball? Oh. My.


This is what Norman looked like when he was five weeks old!


He looks like an Ewok from the Star Wars movies!


It is hard being so cute and lovable all the time, Norman must get his ‘beauty’ sleep!


Norman was not the only pup in his litter – he has siblings!


We hope to see more of this adorable family soon. He is just too cute!


And over 51,000 other people who follow him on Instagram agree! That number is sure to grow! Just like Norman has! Share away, people!

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