Puppy Loses His Marbles When He Sees Where Owner Is Taking Him

What dog doesn’t like going to the dog park? Dogs are being of simple pleasures – they like their kibble, their toys, the walks with their owner and, let’s not forget – the doggy park! For a dog, trip to the dog park is what a trip to the toy store is for a kid! So many buddies are there and they get to run and play… Oh goody, goody! But getting to see a dog that recognizes the trip he is onto and the destination they are about to reach is just too much. Check this little guy out!

This is too hilarious! When the dog Scrattie finally realizes he is going to a dog park, he goes absolutely ballistic. He continues to whimper and move around in the passenger seat of the car, but his excitement doesn’t end there. As his owner continues to ask Scrattie if he knows where they are, he jumps right into his owners lap while he is driving. Oh boy, not the safest idea Scrattie!

It doesn’t take long for the tiny pupper to reach to a conclusion of his whereabouts, so he starts whining and shaking in his other owner’s arms, completely losing his mind. When they finally reach the park, Scrattie breaks himself loose from the warm confines of the woman’s arms and jumps in the driver’s lap, kissing him and jumping all over him!

Even though what he did in the car was pretty risky, they still let him run in the park. They wouldn’t want to take away from his happiness.

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