Puppy Love: Young Pet Rescue Volunteer Receives Dream Doggie

At only 7-years of age, Elizabeth is already proving that she’s a compassionate human being who enjoys comforting animals in need by volunteering for her local animal rescue mission. While volunteering, the little girl with the big heart fell head over heels for a cute puppy named Lorelai. After their bonding session, the two were separated, and Elizabeth was heartbroken to learn that she couldn’t keep the sweet pup.

Somehow, news about Elizabeth’s puppy heartbreak made its way to the Meredith Vieira Show where a big surprise was in store for the young shelter volunteer. The Meredith Viera Show invited Elizabeth and her parents to be front row guests on the show. During the episode, it’s clear from her facial expression that Elizabeth is still upset over leaving the little dog behind. Viera asks her why she’s crying in a picture taken of her and the puppy that day.

Her disappointment is palpable as she explains, “I liked helping, and I really wanted the puppy.”


When asked to share what she knows about the puppy, she mentions being kissed by the puppy. Elizabeth is on the verge of tears while remembering the emotional difficulty of their separation.


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Upon seeing Lorelai, Elizabeth’s face lights up in happy tears as she holds the pooch close to her chest. Viera informs her that Lorelai is hers to keep, and it’s obvious that these two are going to have a long-lasting friendship. At an early age, Elizabeth is already learning that being an animal rescue volunteer can sometimes be heartbreaking as well as rewarding.

Rescued animals enter shelters in all sorts of conditions, and volunteers often must put their personal feelings aside to focus on doing whatever they can to help. Thankfully, every day brings more stories of sweet animals being saved by caring people at animal shelters all over the country.

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