Puppy And Her Mom Trapped In Water Pit Until These Men Came Along

A dog and her puppy survived a harrowing ordeal after falling into a water pit with no chance of escaping. Video of the heartwarming rescue shows several men approaching the pool of water surrounded by a steep manmade embankment.

Two white shapes can be made out far off in the distance. It’s the mother and her pup.

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Somehow the two managed to fall down but they could not scale up the slippery tarps lining the walls of the reservoir.

Luckily several nearby guards were able to help rescue them.

One man is lowered down with a rope to help pull them out.

First he gets the puppy, followed by mama.

As soon as they are both at the top, mama right away checks on her puppy.

Rescuers then picked up the puppy and made sure mama follows after them to safety, with mom wagging her tail the entire time. She must be so relieved.

There is no word if the dogs are owned by someone, or if they were strays. Fortunately, they are alive and well thanks to this team of men. Watch the full rescue in the video below and share it with your

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