A Puppy Who Has Never Even Seen A Bed Before, Takes Her First Steps Toward A New Life

Many of us take things for granted, unintentionally. A story like this one will put a whole lot in perspective! It did for me.

This sweet puppy, named Kat, is from a meat farm in South Korea. Thanks to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and Humane Society International, she is able to take her first steps outside a cage.

She now has a nice little den, with a bed and toys. She is so unused to such a nice place, she is hesitant to do much of anything!

Kat is warming up to the idea of freedom. YIPPY!

Kat checks out her new digs

Ooooo, is this my bed? Kat has never seen a bed before!!!

Kat is no longer destined for the dinner table. And this is something to celebrate!

Sadly, raising dogs on dog meat farms is an actual practice. Most of the dogs don’t have enough food or water and live in despicable conditions inside of dirty cages.

Thankfully, there are rescue organizations trying to end this heinous practice. Many groups attempt to seize the dogs but they also offer help to the dog meat farmers so they can learn how to farm a crop so that they can still earn money and feed their families. There are many levels to this business that people don’t realize, but luckily, these rescue groups understand that.

Here’s to Kat, and many, MANY more dogs like her.

Watch the video of her adorable reaction to her new freedom below!


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