“Puppy Plays With Ball”

“If you have a puppy, then you probably know how stubborn they can act sometimes. For example, this cute pup plays with a ball but his game went wrong as soon as the ball got stuck under his belly. Puppies are adorable. With their wagging tails, happy faces and sweet nature, they are very lovable. Just like babies, puppies sleep for the majority of the day. And when they are awake, they like to explore stuff and make mess everywhere. Young dogs will try your patience like no other force will. They like to play games and ‘fetch’ is probably one of their favorites. It is hard to teach a young dog to catch a thrown ball, but we assure you that is worth it. This sweet doggo wants to play a game with a ball that’s too big for him, but he somehow fails. Is there anyone who can resist to smile at this lovely pup’s struggle?”

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