Puppy Regrets Escaping Home and Adorably Rings Doorbell to Get Back Inside

Marshall, a three-month-old Golden Retriever puppy from Spokane, Washington, made a humorous mistake when he escaped from his home, only to regret his decision soon after. As it turns out, the feeling of regretting poor choices isn’t unique to humans.

Upon realizing his error, Marshall tried to get back into the house. He scratched at the door and even used his nose to ring the doorbell, which made a knocking sound, multiple times. The entire incident was captured on the family’s surveillance camera, showcasing the adorable puppy’s struggle to re-enter the house.

Someone eventually let Marshall back inside after his brief adventure. It is hoped that he has learned his lesson and will not attempt to escape again. Marshall’s owner, Greg Basel, shared the video online for others to enjoy the endearing moment.

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