Puppy Rescued from Abandonment has Adorably Unique Ears Resembling Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Meet Cinnamon, an enchanting puppy who was given her name for a very adorable reason.

Cinnamon was only two weeks old when she was abandoned along with her siblings in rural Georgia. Pit Sisters, a non-profit canine rescue charity, heard about the plight of these puppies and stepped in to save them. The president of Pit Sisters, Deane, was immediately drawn to one of the puppies who had something incredibly distinctive about her – her ears curled inwards.

When they were discovered at a local shelter, the puppies were just five weeks old and had not been adequately cared for. All the puppies had large, pointed ears, as expected for their breed. However, Cinnamon was a unique exception. Her ears, curled inwards like the swirl of a cinnamon roll, were impossible to overlook.

“I’ve never seen a dog with such big ears,” Deane remarked. “Everyone is astounded by how adorable she is… and she’s even more delightful in person!”

Cinnamon’s charming face has quickly spread across the internet, garnering her much-deserved attention. This exposure not only helps Cinnamon but also increases the chances of her siblings finding loving homes.

With her exceptional ears and winsome personality, Cinnamon seems to understand that she is indeed a special pup. “She’s a darling who interacts well with other dogs,” Deane shares. “Her ears reflect her personality: unique and loads of fun.”

Everyone involved in Cinnamon’s rescue journey is thrilled that she’s gaining the attention she deserves. “She’s absolutely stunning,” Deane gushes. It’s a marvel to see how this petite puppy with her distinctive cinnamon roll-like ears has not only survived but also captured the hearts of people worldwide.

So whether you’re a dog lover or a cinnamon bun enthusiast, Cinnamon the puppy is serving an irresistible dose of sweetness that’s hard not to adore.

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