Puppy Rescued from Ef-3 Tornado Wreckage in Rowlett

Description Info From Licenosr: “The EF-3 tornado that went through Rowlett, TX caused the home of my friend, Michael Delgado, to completely collapse. His grandmother and brother were inside when it fell and had to be dug out from the rubble that night. When rescuers first came back to the scene on December 28th, they heard the whimper of the families yellow lab, Sawyer, and rescued him from under a wall in the kitchen. A work crew from Watermark church arrived about an hour later to begin cleanup, and we didn’t hear the whimper of Lucy, a min pin, until we were about to walk off the scene. She was under a huge wall that used to be the side of the home. It was the only pile we hadn’t worked on that entire day. Luckily she was between wall studs and had a hole she could survive in since Saturday night. She was found Monday around 5pm CST.” -Frank Lloyd Hettlinger III

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