Puppy Rescued From Hot Car Gets Unexpected Happy Ending

A sad story involving a young puppy that has been unfolding for nearly two weeks finally has a happy ending!

According to KXAN news, 20-year-old Chandler Bullen left Annabelle, his five-month-old puppy, in his car for upwards of a half hour while he shopped in a Manor, Texas Walmart. At the time police arrived to rescue Annabelle, the temperature in the area was 99F, with a heat index of 109F. The sunroof was left partially open, so the police were able to open the door with a tire iron and rescue the pup.

Annabelle was in bad shape not only from the heat, but was also infested with fleas and had a few unexplained lesions. She was taken to the Austin Animal Center for care and Chandler was found inside the Walmart and arrested. When asked by the police why he left his dog in the car on a hot day, he explained that he “didn’t want to waste gas.”


Chandler was in court the following Thursday for the animal cruelty charge, and in a decision that shocked and saddened animal lovers everywhere, the judge ruled that Annabelle be returned to Chandler. However, this was under the condition that Chandler pay for the care she received and boarding at the Austin Animal Center.

The judge explained that, though he is a dog lover, he had to separate his feelings from the case and rule according to the letter of the law. In a story by TWC News, he stated, “What was on trial I think was stupidity versus, you know, cruelty,” and ordered Chandler to reappear before the court to prove that he had taken Annabelle to a vet and that she was being well cared for. Luckily, this was not the end of Annabelle’s story.

Rather than pay the fees accrued during Annabelle’s stay at the center, Chandler chose instead to surrender her. The pup went up for adoption, and although a surrender is not usually good news, in this case, it was probably the best choice. Just one hour after she became available for adoption, a young couple looking to adopt fell in love with her and put in an application – Annabelle now has a new family!

We’re so happy to hear that after the mess this story became, Annabelle finally has a safe, loving home and people who care for her! Whether stupidity or cruelty, we feel that a home where neither is present is absolutely better than the one she had.


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