Puppy Reunion with Siblings Four Years After Adoption

Samo was adopted from the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho by my boyfriend (now husband) and I four years ago. On March 6, 2016 we organized a reunion with her and her siblings. She hadn’t seen them since we adopted her at 8 weeks old.

We were able to contact half of the pack who made it to the reunion at Happy Paws in NYC, where we shared stories about similarities, likes and dislikes, their health history and their taste in food (they’re all foodies). Some love sticks, some love swimming, other’s hate it. And they’ve all eaten something they shouldn’t have at some point (paint, muffins, raw bacon, nuts, fortune cookies)! I really do believe the dogs knew they were family.

At the shelter the dogs were called “The Adams Family” litter so they all had names from The Adams Family. Samo’s name was originally Pubert. We were able to meet Hunter (formerly Uncle Fester), PJ (formerly The Thing) and Oreo (formerly Gomez).

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