Puppy Is Stuck In Bucket Under Abandoned Home, Then A Rescuer Finds Him And 6 Siblings In The Dark

When we look lovingly upon the cats and dogs and other animals we’ve rescued from shelters and pounds, we can’t dare imagine our furry companions out on the streets, fending for their lives all on their own, and living in dark, cold, and sometimes stormy weather.

But the truth is, many of our pets spend the first months, even years, of their lives on the streets, seeking shelter in any nook or cranny warm enough. During this time, they are susceptible to disease and their lives have an increased chance of being cut short.

But that’s when animal rescuers like the ones at the Michigan Humane Society come in. They put themselves in some precarious situations to save animals.

One rescuer from the organization received a call about a litter of puppies living under the porch of an abandoned home and rushed to the address to find them.

He crawled into the tight space and patiently retrieved each and every one of the seven puppy siblings, and brought them to safety.

One was even stuck in a bucket!

All the pups were treated, bathed, and put in foster care so they can be adopted into warm and welcoming homes.

To learn more about the Michigan Humane Society’s lifesaving work, visit michiganhumane.org.

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