Puppy Tethered To Fence, Sniffs Rescuer And Aligns With Her Straight Away

When Brianna found a puppy tied to a pole on the side of the road, she knew she had to help. The puppy, later named Grace, was timid and scared, but Brianna was determined to give her a second chance at life. This is the heartwarming story of how Grace went from being an abandoned puppy to a beloved family member.

Brianna had always wanted to rescue a dog. When she met Grace at a park tied to a pole, she knew this was her chance. Grace was initially frightened, with her tail between her legs and crouching down. Brianna approached her gently and slowly, and after a few minutes, Grace began to open up and let Brianna love on her. Grace sniffed Brianna as if she knew this woman was going to be very special to her.

Once in the car, it seemed as though Grace knew she was going home. In the beginning, Grace was constantly looking for food, almost as if she was nervous she wouldn’t get it again. She also suffered from separation anxiety, howling and barking whenever Brianna turned her back. Grace would follow Brianna everywhere in the house, afraid of being left alone.

Taking Grace for walks was initially a challenge, as she was not used to living anywhere but on the streets. However, as she built trust in Brianna, they were able to go for longer periods without her biting on the leash. Grace became more relaxed and trusting, and her overall behavior improved as she grew more comfortable in her new home.

As time went on, Grace began to come out of her shell, revealing her playful and loving nature. She quickly became an integral part of Brianna’s life, and it was clear that the two were meant to be together. Brianna knew she couldn’t give up on Grace and decided to make her a permanent part of her family – Grace became a “foster fail.”

To see Grace’s rescue and dramatic transformation, play the video below. Thank you to Jersey Pits Rescue and Brianna for giving Grace the happy life she greatly deserves.

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