Puppy Unlocks True Attack Mode On ‘Foreign Object’

Tensions are rising, the fans are cheering and our action guy here has his eyes on the ball. The music in the background fits perfectly what’s about to happen.

When they are little, puppies are very curious with the world around them. They often sniff around and explore their surrounding with pure delight. However, sometimes they face with their most inner fears, mostly when they find strange looking objects that somehow remind them of themselves.

The video shows a little white and black bulldog approaching a tiny black and white soccer ball in natural slow motion. He walks very slowly towards his prey. He seems a little hesitant at first, but he is determinant to score.

This cute little bulldog shows courage as he faces one of the most dangerous challenges of his life. He is so careful with this “foreign object” in the distance and seems to be somewhat scared.

Step by step, slowly but surely, the pup approaches his target. When he gets close enough, he just stands and stares there for a while, as the spot patterns on his fur blend in with the sports of this strange looking toy.

Then, out of a sudden, he becomes very courageous and active, he quickly changes into survival mode and rushes towards his “victim”. The takes his shot with the ball and finally makes a score. It is too funny to watch.

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