Puppy Went To The Hair Salon With His Mom And Got A Haircut Just Like A Human

Who doesn’t like to get their hair done? It’s a great time to just catch up on some gossip while also getting your hair to look the greatest that it’s ever going to look.

When Brittany Taylor went to her hairdresser’s, it was shortly after she got a precious little golden retriever pup named Luka. While Brittany was getting her hair done, she couldn’t help but tell her all about sweet little Luka. By the time that she was finished getting her hair done, her stylist felt like she already knew the puppy so well, so she asked Brittany to bring him in next time she went to get her hair cut.

Thrilled to be able to proudly show off her puppy, at the following appointment, Brittany turned up with Luka in tow. Everybody at the salon was absolutely beside themselves at seeing happy little Luka grace them with his presence. There is no doubt that the people getting their hair done that particular day were so happy by the surprise.

While Brittany got her hair done, people enjoyed the company of Luka, who was more than happy to play around and be silly.


Once Brittany was finished getting her hair done, it was time for her stylist to have a little fun with Luka. What ensued was the cutest little photo session where they pretended that Luka was a person getting his hair cut. The joyful puppy was only too happy to play along with the charade.

They put Luka in the salon chair and even let him have a hair cape of his own. And what resulted was a cute picture for Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, this precious boy even has his own account where fans can follow his everyday adventures. For now, check out some of our favorites below:






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