Puppy Who Walked As If He Were Dancing Was Abandoned At The Shelter

Boogie Shoes was dropped off at the shelter by a woman who said she found him in a Walmart parking lot. These types of stories are often the ones told by breeders who are too embarrassed to face the truth of the situation. The tiny teacup Chihuahua weighed only 11-ounces and walked around as if he were dancing.

The little pup had obvious problems standing and walking and was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition in which parts of the brain have not completely developed. This can be due to genetic causes, infections, toxins, or nutritional deficiencies.

But Boogie Shoes would dance his way right into the home and hearts of his foster family! Alicia and her husband agreed to take the special needs dog in and care for him until he got a forever home elsewhere — but that never happened. The couple fell in love with Boogie Shoes and had to keep him for themselves!

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