Puppy Who Was So Hungry She Would ‘Eat Leaves and Sticks’ Become’s Fur Family’s Matriarch

Stevie is the matriarch of our fur family. She taught our new GSD puppy the ropes and puts up with his antics.

She was found as a tiny stray puppy (about 8-weeks-old) by Bossier City Animal Control. She was starving and trying her best to find food on her own. We adopted her from a rescue who pulled her from animal control. I have attached her animal control pictures and the one from the rescue that pulled her and got her adoption ready.

I remember being told by the rescue that she was so hungry, she would eat leaves and sticks (as evidenced by her poop) to survive. She is now almost 9-years-old and the sweetest girl. She is a treasured part of our family. And even though we don’t know what breed(s) she is, she is beautiful to us. I can’t imagine life without her.

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