This Puppy’s New Here And In Need Of Some Help

We’ve all had the experience of starting a new job or moving into a new home and not quite knowing how everything works. While most of us would simply ask a friend, family member or coworker for help in a calm and relaxed manner, the puppy that you are about to meet in this clip had another idea entirely.


Luckily for him, he’s got a new buddy who is willing to help him through the hard times. Don’t we all need a good friend to see us through from time to time? When this little puppy does not know how to get back into the house and starts yapping his head off, his big brother calmly looks on, trying to figure out the situation.

At first, the larger dog leaves the little puppy to handle the door dilemma on his own, hoping that he’ll be able to put two and two together. The puppy has other ideas, though, and continues to yip and yap at the door that does not work. The big dog doubles back for his new tiny pal and tries his best to help out.

He demonstrates proper door usage to the puppy, while the animal looks on, amazed. How is the big dog going in and out of the house so easily? The little puppy remains puzzled and at long last, the big dog comes back and decides to offer further assistance to his confused sibling. What a great big brother he is.

Lots of big brothers would get impatient in a situation like this and leave the little one behind. But not this guy! He comes back for the little brother and finally decides to simply guide him to the correct entrance with his noise. We shudder to think of how long it might have taken for the puppy to learn his way around otherwise.

Hopefully, the older dog’s lesson sank in and the little pup will no longer have to struggle. We’d hate to think that the older dog’s super helpful lesson was all for naught. The older brother also stays and waits for the little one to make his way inside. This type of attention to detail goes a long way and these two are bound to be friends for years to come.

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