They Did WHAT To This Pup’s Legs?!

WHEW!!! Don’t worry, it’s not what you think! Thanks to the good folks over at Pit Bulls & Parolees, this sweet little pup, Blanche, will have a better chance at a normal life.
Blanche is a young American Bulldog and she walks on the outer sides of he paw due to the fact that her joints are still so soft and they’re buckling. Thankfully, she’s young enough that time is on her side! This vet has put vibrant colored casts on her front legs to help them grow and form accordingly. A few months from now, they can come off and she’ll be able to get around like any other dog!
For now, she has to re-learn how to walk. But you got this, Blanche!! We believe in you!

[youtube id=”kMXgUliTFxo”]

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Has your dog ever overcome a physical ailment or disability? We love to hear uplifting stories, so be sure to share your dog’s story of strength in the comments below!

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