They Put a Cute Guy & a Puppy in a Music Video. The Result? Everyone Needs to See This!

It’s almost Valentines day and we found a music video that you dog lovers will surely love; especially those who are single or those who are just recently brokenhearted.

The Cary Brothers posted a music video of their new single “Lovin’ On You” and it’s absolutely adorable! The video features a guy, who just broke up with his girlfriend. And just like anyone who got their hearts broken, the guy was depressed. Well good thing he isn’t alone; he has a super duper adorable St. Bernard puppy to keep him company! But that’s not all! Later in the video, you’ll see his house swarming with cute puppies! There are puppies everywhere! In the shelves, in the cupboards, and even in the sink! A total of 22 puppies appeared in this video! You have to watch it!

Complete cuteness overload! I just love all the puppies!

So if you have a dog, and you don’t have a date this Valentines, then there’s nothing to worry about. You have a dog who gives you unconditional love all year round! Your dog is there to make each and every day special, making you smile, cheering you up, and keeping you company. Having that kind of love is the best feeling ever! Don’t you agree?

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