Quick! Stop What You’re Doing And Watch These Puppies Cuddle!

Everyone has their go-to way of calming down when things get overwhelming, or decompressing after a long day. Prepare to toss those stress-busters to the side, though, once you see this.

Introducing: Tuto and Juj, two puppies who love each other so much that they actually hug each other while cuddling! This video is guaranteed to make you say ‘aw’…it’s an instant good mood. Talk about puppy therapy! We think this should be playing on every TV on Monday mornings…

So go ahead. Sit back, relax and enjoy the pure cuteness that is…two dogs snuggling.

Check it out!

Told ya they were cute! Do you have two dogs who love to snuggle? Or do they prefer separate sleeping situations? Share in the comments below!

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