Raccoon Didn’t Think He’d Ever Have A Loving Family, Luckily He Was Wrong!

A video that could literally break your heart in two, will put it back together again and give it that gentle hug it craves! Meet Raccoon, a sweet dog that suffered unthinkable cruelty. After his rescue, his story was shared by Sidewalk Specials and people from all over wanted to adopt him. He was healing nicely waiting for his knight in shining armor. And boy, did those knights come!

While his story starts out with the saddest doggy cries, it ends with the happiest of tail wags. He not only gets the pawfect family but a sibling as well.

It breaks my heart to know that this could happen to an animal. Something so beautiful and innocent. Our pets are here to make us happy but it is OUR JOBS to make them happy too. To treat them with the love and kindness that they show us. Sure, they will make mistakes. Who doesn’t?! But that doesn’t mean they should be severely punished. The same goes for innocent humans who suffer at the hands of their loved ones. That is why Greater Good’s Rescue Rebuild Program partnered with RedRover’s Safe Housing, is something I could totally get behind.

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